"without goals and objectives, we cannot reach”. If I weren't dreaming of having my own castle, I wouldn't be there today.

  • To be a well-known company in Indonesia that is existing forever and provide solutions in the procurement of raw materials and services by paying attention to Quality, Service, employee welfare and changes that occur without ignoring the rules / policies.

  • Work closely with customers to understand the needs and expectations of customers in providing the right products and services

  • Helping customers become more competitive in the face of global competition by providing the best solutions according to customer needs.

  • Plan and carry out effectiveness at each stage of the product supply process focused on increasing productivity

  • Providing fast and accurate service.

  • Providing added value for company improvement, employee welfare and shareholders


"with the management system ISO9001:2015 

mitra tama gemilang committed to providing quality standard service"

logo pendukung ISO 9001v2015 (PT. Mitra

Life is short.You find the meaning you were born with.What is my living value?Wish to be a person who can advance humanity.Take pride in yourself.Be passionate about it.If you don't know what that path is, keep thinking.Draw a dream and tell your friends.Have the courage to take a step.It will be the taste and charm that you can take your life seriously.The hidden ability will be brought out.You will gain human depth by devoting yourself to something.Sometimes you may get hurt.You will be empowered to overcome it.You will be able to make sense.Will produce something.And it will attract people.And get a fellow who can live and die together.You can make your friends happy.You will find it happy.You can think that you have a dream.And he will be old and unassuming.All that is your life.I want to be a stage where such wonderful friends gather.That is Dmet.