Vision, Mission & Values

In view of the increasing demand for good quality steel and alloy steel - we have established as a material department to supply these needs which will be used to produce gears, sprockets, shafts, flanges, bolts, nuts, etc.

As time goes by, this department also cater to the demands from the other branches and other manufacturing companies.

At present, independently we have developed into a company supplying machinery steel, tool steel and workshop under the umbrella of PT. Mitra Tama Gemilang.

In line with our vision to become the most reliable and the best supplier of raw materials and spare part manufacturing and workshop - we have a strong commitment to serve better and be the best.

Being a well-known company in Indonesia in the providing of raw material for the manufacture of dies, molds, and the spares part and be the best in quality and service.


  • To support the manufacturing of dies, molds and spares part by supplying raw materials in suitable with its use.
  • To assist  manufacturer of dies, molds and spares parts become more competitive in  global competition by providing solutions that best suit customer needs.
  • To provide fast and accurate services.
  • To reach a appropriate profit in order to support the the company development and provide a satisfactory dividends to shareholders as well as to increase the employees welfare.

M - Mutu

I - Integritas

T - Tanggung jawab

R - Respon

A - Antusias

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